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Lawrence Bruns, 73 Clock Icon Verified Customer
December 18, 2018

Alpha Male Trial Review

i Received my Trial on Dec. 17, 2018 and took the first 2 capsules at 3:30 PM. My first reaction about a half hour later was an upset stomach, some cold chills and the jitters. Not the kind of reaction I was expecting. It's now the 18th of Dec. I took 2 more capsules with breakfast and got the same response about a half hour later. Will take 2 more capsules on the 19th of Dec. with breakfast and see what the results are. If they are the same as the 17th and 18th I will cancel my order.

Jack, 52 Clock Icon Verified Customer
December 20, 2018

Let me tell ya how Alpha Male works…

You take 2 pills with water about 30 mins you start anything. Then you forget about any ED problems you had and have the best sex of your life! THIS STUFF WORKS ;)

Don, 55 Clock Icon Verified Customer
December 20, 2018

Getting hard when I want to

Been using Alpha Male as a maintenance product so I can get hard on command. Ingredients are natural and effective, so I don’t get side effects like the I used to from Viagra. Feeling like a true ALPHA MALE now :)

John Monroe, 45 Clock Icon Verified Customer
December 3, 2018

I can really feel it

I was skeptical about male enhancement pills, since I could always perform well, but this product brought me to the next level, giving me more endurance and hardness. Now I'm using it on a daily basis and never been more confident in myself.

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